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Coated Heavy Duty Basketball Net

White braided 16 ply nylon 6mm basketball net with 12 loops. Approximately 52cm long with end of all loops dipped with special coating to add significantly to performance and longevity.

36.85 EA      


Mitre Impel #5

30 panel design ball manufactured from TPU film outer with textured finish for enhanced grip. EVA foam lining under outer. Good quality training ball

14.75 EA      


Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 1L Cartridge

Germ Buster kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Germ Buster Sanitising Hand Gel is designed to help prevent the spread of germs and cross infection. Recommended in food handling preparation areas and high-risk occupations such as Nursing home, Childcare facilities, Veterinarian etc. For use with dispensers 498814, 498815 & 498816.

15.50 EA      


Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Manual dispenser takes 1 Litre cartridge (498769). Wall mountable, 270x130x120mm. Built in drip tray.

24.90 EA      


Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Automatic dispenser takes 1 Litre cartridge (498769). Wall mountable, 270x130x120mm. Built in drip tray. Requires 4x 'C' cell batteries (083575)

51.45 EA      


Stand w/STOP Sign & Automatic Dispenser

Automatic dispenser takes 1 Litre cartridge (498769). On stand with "STOP The Spread Of Germs" sign. Built in drip tray. Requires 4x 'C' cell batteries (083575)

190.15 EA      


SPT2 Sports GPS

SPT is taking what is already a powerful device, to the next level. With an integrated 100Hz Inertial Movement Unit, SPT2 is a game-changer. Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Magnetometers are functionalities that will help you to analyse your performance like you have never been able to before. GameTraka features Speed, Distance, Intensity, Work Rate, Intervals, Heat Maps Team Comparison and Management with printable reports.

299.95 EA      


SPT Charging Dock

The SPT Charging Dock is an essential tool for any coach or team. With 15 micro-usb connection ports, you can now charge and download performance data from multiple units at the same time. This ensures your team's performance data is downloaded gives you more time to focus on analysing your data.

799.95 EA      


My Kite - Kites in the Classroom

A proven multi-learning tool for all ages. My Kite kit comes complete with all materials and detailed instructions. Add crayons, paint and a stapler and the whole class is ready to start kitemaking. Can be linked to many aspects of the curriculum or simply used as a fun activities. Kite size is 785mm x 630mm. Sold in a class pack of 25, for $137.50. We will supply different quantities as required.

5.50 EA      


9 Square In The Air Deluxe Game

Includes everything you need to play 9 Square in the Air with your group, including height-adjustable, custom blue PVC pipes with a locking system, high-quality metal connectors, protective feet, game ball, take down tools, and even carrying / storage bags. The poles are height-adjustable at 5, 6, and 7 feet creating fun game play for diverse groups. The pipes snap and lock into the connectors for a strong and stable game structure. This specialized locking system also allows for quick and easy game set up and take down.

1120.00 EA      


9 Square In The Air Take Down Tools

Some extra take-down tools to help take down your 9 Square in the Air game even faster! These custom-made plastic pieces make it easy to take down the game

22.50 EA      


Physical Literacy On The Move

A practical resource to help you guide students toward physical literacy. The books 120 games and activities are suitable for a variety of settings, are broken into four progressive levels.

40.95 EA      


Enhancing Children's Cognition

Enhancing Children's Cognition With Physical Activity Games. Create movement-based learning experiences that build the bodies and minds of children ages 3 to 12. Youll learn how to develop physical activities that foster cognitive development and enhance academic achievement.

68.80 EA      


Outdoor Leadership Theory & Practice 2ed

Through lessons, activities, and exercises this book will help students master eight core competencies essential to outdoor and adventure leadership, develop professional portfolios, and prepare to be successful leaders.

100.20 EA      


Coaching Better Every Season

Presents the best coaching methods and practices for each season on the sport calendar, and offers specific actions, tools, and guidelines for coaches to create a cycle of continuous improvement for themselves, and their teams.

44.25 EA      


Lacrosse Essentials

Step on the field and begin playing in no time! InLacrosse Essentials, youll learn the fundamentals of the sport through sequential instructions, detailed photo sequences, and expert advice from coaching legend Jack Kaley.

30.55 EA      


Folding Wheeled Hauler Cart

Built for outdoor use and manufactured from durable and tough materials. Comes with large wheels 21cm (diameter and 8.5cm wide) for use over rough and uneven ground. Load space measures 96 x 50 x 33cm with a static load limit to 80kg. Front swivel wheels have quick release locking brakes. Compact size of 80 x 45 x 22cm when folded for storage. Extendable handle for easy hauling.

154.75 EA      


WOS IV300 Indoor Volleyball

Manufactured with 12 panels, this ball is constructed from high grade Korean PU with a laminated finish. Dimple finish to panels increases touch while the ball still has a soft feel to the hand. Excellent high grade training ball.

29.50 EA      
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