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Product Group: 01029, Soccer
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International Soccer Nets - Box Shape

International size pair of soccer nets for open ages. Made from white 3.5mm twisted polyethylene. Rounded by 4mm twisted polyethylene rope on all sides. Measures 7.32 metres wide by 2.4 metres high. Box shaped nets.

336.05 PR      
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P Shaped Snr Soccer Goals Galvanised
7320mm x 2440mm No Sleeves

Full-size competition goals, 7.32m wide x 2.44m high, made from 100x50x3mm supa-gal RHS. Net supports are made from 40mm galvanised pipe. Designed for permanent installation. Ideal for clubs, schools, or councils.

1947.00 PR      


SG101G- Senior Sleeves (Set of Four)

Sleeves for SG101 goals where bolt on installation is required. Set of four sleeves.

354.20 EA      
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P Shaped U12 Soccer Goals Galvanised

Pair of galvanised steel P shaped soccer goals to suit ages 9yrs to 12yrs. Goals measure 5m wide x 2m high. Intended for permanent installation. Can be supplied with sleeves to allow for removal in off season.

1877.70 PR      


Powdercoated P Shaped Snr Soccer Goals
7320mm x 2440mm with sleeves

Specifications as SG101G-SEN, but in a highly-durable white polyester powder-coated finish. Four bolt-type flanged sleeves, net hooks and assembly nuts and bolts are included. Sleeves are positioned under the playing surface so that posts may be removed during the off-season. Sleeves can be covered making the field useable for other sports. Suitable for multi-use fields, clubs, schools or councils.

3333.00 PR      


Powdercoated P Shaped U12 Soccer Goals

P shaped under 9-12 powdercoated goals without sleeves. 5 meters wide x 2 metres high.

3263.70 PR      


Sleeves To Suit SG101P Range (x4)

Sleeves for SG101P range soccer goals. Bolt on type sleeve.

372.90 EA      


International Freestanding Goals
7320mm x 2440mm

Senior 7.32m x 2.44m International free standing Soccer goals. Goals are manufactured from special aluminium extrusion that feature a premium seemless net fixing system. Goals are powdercoated white and supplied with fixed transport wheels and lock downs to fix goals to the ground while in use. Requires SPT-335A nets.

6549.40 PR      


Junior Freestanding Goals 5000mmx2000mm

SG300A-White U12, International White free standing design 5.00m x 2.00m. 2 x Lockdown Plates and Anchor Pegs Included.CUSTOMER TO NOMINATE SOIL TYPE TO DETERMINE THE TYPE OF ANCHOR SYSTEM REQUIRED.Powdercoated. Use net code SPT-300-02-U12 only.

6179.80 PR      


International Free-Hanging Soccer Goals

7.32m x 2.44m comes with welded inner mitre joints, plastic net hooks, ground sleeves and caps. Available in aluminium or powder-coated finish.

3292.30 PR      
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Back Net Support Post & Sleeve (Set 4)

815.10 EA      


Nylon Net Hooks (x100)

Nylon net hooks to suit aluminium goals.

92.40 EA      
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Senior International Soccer Net (White)

Hexagon 3.5mm soccer goal net, deluxe international white.

410.30 PR      
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Junior Soccer Nets

Heavy duty hexagonal mesh nets made from 3.0mm twisted polyethylene. Suits products SG101G-U12, SG101P-U12 and SG-200A-U12. Net measures 5100mm wide x 2100mm high x 900mm deep at top x 1850mm deep at base.

364.10 PR      
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Junior Soccer Nets

Heavy duty hexagonal mesh nets made from 3.0mm twisted polyethylene. Suits product SG-300A-U12 only. Net measures 5100mm wide x 2100mm high x 900mm deep at top x 1850mm deep at base.

364.10 PR      
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Senior International Soccer Nets

7.42m x 2.4m x .75m x 1.85m white international net. Hexagon net 3.5 mm twisted polyethylene. Suits model SG200 and SG300 soccer goals.

431.20 PR      
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Senior International Box Soccer Nets

White net, 7.42m x 2.6m x 2.6m x2.0m Hexagon 3.5 mm twisted polyethylene. Suits model SG400 soccer goals only.

431.20 PR      
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