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Product Group: 010613, Parallel Bars
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Replacement Rail - Parallel Bar
Fibreglass (AAI)

Conforms to F.I.G. dimensions and specifications. Fibreglass core with timber veneer. Length: 3500mm. Size: 51x41mm.

1615.90 EA      


Parallel Bars - Olympic FIG Approved
Fibreglass, Fixed

Similar to A9-86, but with heavier, wider base.

7184.10 EA      


Parallel Bar Fill In Mat 80mm

Carpeted covered Acrolite foam. Fills in base area of paralleled bars and covers RHS base. Fits: A9-64, 85, 86. Size: 34440x670x80mm.

518.10 EA      


Replacement Rail - Parallel Bar

Australian Oak with a 22mmD high tensile steel core. Conforms to F.I.G. dimensions. Length: 3500mm. Size: 51x41mm.

323.40 EA      


Replacement Rail - Parallel Bars

Conforms to F.I.G. dimensions and specifications. Beech veneers glued under extreme pressure and temperature. Length: 3500mm. Size: 51x41mm.

383.90 EA      


Parallel Bars - Gym Fun (Folding)

Designed for kindergym and primary school activities. Bars are 34mmD for easy grip for small children. Steel base with pivoting uprights for width adjustment and storage. Width: 500mm maximum. Height: 750mm. Length: 1800mm.

616.00 EA      


Replacement Rail - Parallel Bars
Superwood (A9-7)

Elliptical shape made from superwood. Length: 2750mm. Size: 48x41mm.

220.00 EA      


Replacement Rail - Oak (A9-8 & A7-38)

Australian Oak timber. Length: 1800mm. Size: 45mmD.

105.60 EA      


Paralettes - Oak

For hand balancing practice. Size: 35mmD.

106.70 EA      


Parallel Bars - Club Model Superwood

Designed for recreation and gymfun use. Rails, A9-18 are superwood. RHS base and square uprights with height adjustment pin X4-40 and rubber knob X6-1 screw clamping. Rubber feet X6-14 protect the floor. Width adjustment: 405-660mm. Height adjustment: 940-1750mm from floor, 100mm increments. Rail length: 2750mm.

1949.20 EA      


Parallel Bar Rail Pad 900mm long

High density foam with vinyl cover and touch tape joining. Size: 90mmOD x 50mmID x 900mm long.

1949.20 EA      


Parallel Bars - Low Balancing Oak Rails

Ideal for balance training. Steel base with pivoting uprights for width adjustment and storage. Rails A9-19. Height: 400mm. Length: 1800mm.

678.70 EA      


Parallel Bar Upright Pad 900mm long

High density foam with vinyl cover and touch tape joining. Size: 90mmOD x 75mmID x 900mm long.

163.90 EA      


Parallel Bars - Junior Olympic FIG
Oak Rails

For school and recreation use. Rails A9-14 are oak with steel core. Height and width adjustment system is the same as A9-86 but with lighter base and uprights. Width adjustment: 365-615mm. Height adjustment: 1120-1800mm from floor. Rail length: 3500mm.

3510.10 EA      


Olympic Parallel Bars Superwood Rails

Same as A9-86 but with superwood rails A9-15.

3931.40 EA      


Parallel Bars - Olympic FIG Fibreglass

Rails A9-11, fibreglass with timber veneer for improved grip. Acromat cam operated lever clamps uprights to allow width and height adjustment. Uprights are powder coated heavyweight pipe, inner uprights are chromed 35mmD solid steel with offset at top for adjustment. Base made from 80x40mm RHS is splayed and weighted for stability. Base has keyholes for transporters A9-9. Rubber feet X6-14 protects the floor. Width adjustment: 410-660mm. Height adjustment: 1520-2150mm from floor, 50mm increments. Rail length: 3500mm.

6433.90 EA      


Parallel Bar Transporter

Steel frame with safety catch, fits onto parallel bar base. Rubber wheels 160mmD. Fits: A9-115, 84, 85, 86.

414.70 EA      
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