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Product Group: 0843, Long Jump
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Long Jump Strip 90x60cm

Two colour synthetic grass take off mat measures 900mm x 600mm. Can be pegged to the ground through eyelets.

50.00 EA        


Long Jump Board

Long jump takeoff board made from seasoned hardwood and painted white. Dimensions 1220mm x 200mm x 75mm.

240.00 EA        


Long Jump Frame Trough

Galvanised steel trough that is set into track to accommodate take off board assemblies. Measures 1220mm x 300mm.

356.15 EA        


Nordic Take Off Set Elite

IAAF certified No E-01-0324. Under structure of aluminium on which a wooden take off board is mounted. Equipped with height adjustment for perfect fitting. Complete with removeable plasticine insert. Drops into long jump frame trough (084372).

832.55 EA        


Long Jump Tray Cover

Cover to be placed on long jump frame trough. Measures 1220mm x 300mm. Cover with synthetic track material.

418.70 EA        


Plasticine Toe Insert - Competition

Red competition toe boards with recesses on both sides to take plasticine.

206.95 EA        


Long Jump Exchange Board

Timber long jump take off board. Used as replacement board for Nordic IAAF Competition Take Off Board (product 084380). Dimensions 1220mm x 200mm x 25mm.

184.25 EA        


Plasticine 4kg

Block of plasticine for long jump take-off boards.

66.20 EA        


Wind Indicator with Wind Sock

Wind indicator on steel stand, for indicating wind direction in jumping events

276.25 EA        


Nordic Aluminium Rake

Aluminium rake with wide levelling blade and 14 turned tines. Tines are replaceable.

199.75 EA        
Photo Coming Soon!


Plasticine Scraper

22.15 EA        


Base Pin

Zinc plated steel pin 105mm in length with a 35mm disc as a head. Used to hold down softball bases and sector lines/long jump mats for athletics.

3.50 EA        

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