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Product Group: 2308, Portable Exercise Equipment
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Portable Punch Bag Stand

Takes 60cm to 150cm bag. Fully transportable, the floor space required is 1.1 x 1.2 metres. The height is 2.5 metres. Bag not included.

486.40 EA        


Bag/Ball Stand

Fully portable stand. Facilitates 20 to 40cm floor to ceiling ball and 60 to 150cm bag. Floor space 2.2 x 1.2 metres Height 2.5 metres. Ball and bag not included.

716.35 EA        


Jim Bradley Home Circuit Stand

Very useful in situations where the user cannot secure equipment to walls, floors, ceilings etc. A three station circuit stand that facilitates a speedball, floor to ceiling ball of any size and punch bags from 60cm to 120cm. A quality product fabricated in heavy duty steel with a powder coated finish. Features height adjustable speedball platform and optional speedball counter. Bag and balls not included.

495.25 EA        


Four Way Training Station

4 way station with weighted base. Floor space required length 1.6m x width 1.4m, room height 2.6m. Stations can accommodate Speed Ball, Heavy Bag, Floor to Ceiling Bag and Floor to Ceiling Ball.

1751.10 EA        


Three Way Training Station

3 way station with weighted base. Floor space required 1.7m length x 1.4m width. Room height 2.5m. Accommodates Speedball, Bag and floor to ceiling ball. Bag and balls not included.

1560.00 EA        


Jim Bradley Spring Ball

Another unique Jim Bradley design. The springball is a fantastic hand/eye co-ordination, reflex, aerobicwork-out. More demanding than a traditional floor/ceiling ball work-out our springball can be either floor mounted or fully portable. The ball is made from high grade leather giving a good responsive feel. 100% Australian designed and manufactured.

424.50 EA        


Jim Bradley Combination Board

For the perfect aerobic/ conditioning workout this elongated combination board houses a springball one end and a punch/kick bag on the other. Board size 240x60cm Ball and bag not included.

524.75 EA        

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