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Product Group: 31015, Speed Trainers and Speed Sleds
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Lateral Sidestep Trainer

Adjustable length flexicord for lateral movement drills.

24.20 EA      


Leg Speed Resistor

Resistance training aid, for use on individual leg. Can be used as aid in rehabilitation.

33.00 EA      


Over Speed Trainer

Double action bungy overspeed training system. Includes 7.5 metre flexicord and 2 x sprint belts. Overspeed training teaches to fast fire through assisted sprinting. The muscles remember the faster motion allowing you to apply those speeds in free sprints.

99.00 EA      


Power Builder

Includes adjustable waist belt with rubber cord, length 3 metres. Cord has split handles for trainer. Used to develop sprint technique, build leg power and increase acceleration.

59.25 EA      


Speed Resistor

Control your resisted speed and improve your explosive power with speed resistor.

18.70 EA      


Speed Sled with Resistor and Lead

Australian Made Painted speed sled for resisted training. Includes speed resistor and sled lead.

158.55 EA      


Prowler Sled + H-Harness

Heavy duty sled allows for pushing and pulling exercises. Center plate storage rod stations allow for overload strength training while keeping sled evenly balanced. Multi point attachments allow for even load during pulling exercises. Includes new heavy duty H-harness designed to be user friendly and handle heavy loads. Solid Steel rod poles + center rod can be removed from item to lessen product weight when being used - each steel rod weights = 12.5kg per rod and a 10kg center. All types of sled dragging or pushing. Building lower and upper body strength and endurance with higher push poles and a lower removal T bar. Just add your Olympic plates to achieve your desired resistance. Size: 100cm x 91cm x 105cm, weight = 25kg for sled + 12.5kg per steel rod x 2, 10kg center rod for a total product weight inc rods = 60kg.

366.60 EA      


Speed Sled Lead

Lead to connect speed sled to speed resistor. Overall length including attachments 3150mm.

10.35 EA      


Resistance Belt

Replacement resistance belt for use with all products requiring belt.

20.50 EA      


WOS Weighted Training Vest

Designed to increase the intensity of any exercise session. Vest contains 38 soft 255g weights and has two crossover straps for extra strength & support. Weights can be removed if required and up to 2.5kg of extra weights can be added.

129.00 EA      


Spare Weights - WOS Weighted Vest

Spare weights to suit WOS weighted vest. Pack includes 10 x 250g weight bags and carry bag.

24.90 EA      

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