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Developing Power

The definitive resource for developing athletic power. Exercises, drills, assessment, analysis, and programming from this book will elevate power and performance in all sports.

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Plyometrics provides instruction on assessment, selection, and sequencing of exercises for building the ideal program based on individual needs and goals. Youll also find nine sport-specific training regimens, including basketball, soccer, football, rugby, volleyball, and mixed martial arts.

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Steps To Success - Weight Training

Take the guesswork out of strength training and understand the details of proper technique, weight loads, and reps. The no-nonsense approach will develop through a thorough, progressive approach to strength training with either free weights or machines. Learn which exercises target what muscles and how to perform each one correctly and safely. Then determine the amount of weight and the number of repetitions and sets that you should lift in order to achieve your objectives. Finally, develop a workout and program that fit your interests and training preferences.

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Modern Art of High Intensity Training

Featuring 40 exercises, 127 workouts, and a 15-week program,itoffers a visually stunning presentation of all things high intensity. Along with covering the five principles of high intensity training, its eye-catching illustrations convey the strength, power, and beauty of the movements.

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Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance

Seventy resistance training exercises with step-by-step instructions, photos, and online video demonstration are explained. Every chapter contains a table that describes each exercises concentric action, predominant muscle groups, and muscles involved, enabling readers to understand the impact of the exercises on each body region.

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