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Product Group: 3103C, Fitness Dice & Spots
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NYDA Exercise Dice (pair)

Pair of heavy duty, 6-sided dice. One dice has fitness and exercise instructions including push up, leg lifts, sit up , tuck jump and more. The other dice has large white printed numbers including 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 etc).

23.10 EA        


NYDA Dice - 12 Sided

Yellow foam, 12-sided dice with black numbering. Ideal for teacher created fun games. Random assignment of different activities or number of repetitions.

13.20 EA        


WOS Fitness Dice Set

Set of two heavy duty dice. Toss one & then the other to determine how many of and which exercise will be performed next. Exercise choices are Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Toe Touch, Arm Circles, Sit Ups and One Foot Hops. 150mm square.

24.95 EA        


Exercise Spot Markers

Set of 12 heavy duty, non-slip rubber exercise discs, with illustrated diagrams. Used for circuit training, stations or as a warm up exercise. Activities include: push ups, star jumps, tuck jumps, lunge, bicycle crunches, plank hold, arm circles, sit ups, squats, calf raises, oblique hold and dips. Fabulous for an all over body, low impact workout. Marker size: 24.5cm diameter, 2mm thick.

68.20 EA        


NYDA Exercise Dice (add on dice x 1)

Exercises include: - Arm Circles - Knee Lifts - Crab Crawl - Shuttle Run - Lunges - Bicycle Crunches

12.10 EA        

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