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Product Group: 3106T, Suspension Training
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New Features Include Improved handles with integrated leg shaper Easier to adjust straps Updated programing for the health club and fitness pros. COMPONENTS TRX Suspension Trainer is the most versatile functional training tool available anywhere. Features include: industrial-quality construction, easy-adjust CAM buckles, club-grade grips with integrated foot cradles for ground-based training. TRX Instructional Materials: The TRX System comes with a splash-proof fitness guide and instructional DVD. TRX Suspension Anchor: TRX easily attaches to any secure structure such as a weight rack, post or beam. Weight 1kg.

368.50 EA      


TRX Club 6 Pack

Designed for the high-use demands of health clubs and fitness professionals Comes with everything you need to start your Suspension Training bodyweight exercise regimen in your club. Includes: 6 x TRX Suspension Trainer Mesh Carry Bags Basic Training DVD and guide

1611.50 EA      


TRX Force Training Kit

The TRX Force Training Kit is a revolutionary bodyweight training system and military fitness program that was developed in the field to achieve and maintain the highest level of physical conditioning strength, agility and endurance. Whatever your current level of fitness, the TRX Force Training Kit will get you in top form. COMPONENTS TRX Suspension Anchor: TRX easily attaches to any secure structure such as a weight rack, post or beam. Attach to a wall or door using optional anchoring attachments (sold separately). TRX Door Anchor: Designed not to damage wood or paint, the TRX Door Anchor turns any sturdy door into a training station. Military Fitness Guide: This 12 week integrated strength and cardio program is specifically designed to get soldiers and hardcore athletes into peak physical condition. Weight 1kg.

454.70 EA      


TRX Strong System

Effectively tone your upper body, lower body and core with the TRX Strong System. Offering complete body workouts, this system can be easily set up in any location so that you can take your workout with you. Equipped with a TRX Door Anchor and Suspension Anchor, the TRX Strong System also includes a 7 Simple Moves Chart And TRX Strong System Get Started Guide. Effectively tone your upper body, lower body and core. Offers complete body workouts. Easy set up in any location. Equipped with TRX Door Anchor and Suspension Anchor. Includes 7 Simple Moves Chart and TRX Strong System Get Started Guide. Convenient TRX mesh bag included.

220.00 EA      
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TRX Xmount

The TRX Xmount is a small and sturdy piece of hardware that provides an easy anchor point for your TRX Suspension Trainer.

66.00 PR      


Power Rings - Polycarbonate

Power Rings consist of two super-strong (indestructible) textured polycarbonate resin rings. Two equally strong number indexed nylon adjustable straps (can hold over 500kg of weight), and 2 adjustable cam buckles. The straps have a hang length of 3.0m.

95.00 PR      
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