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Product Group: 31177C, Wall Mounted/Freestanding Units
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Synergy Preacher Arm Curl Bench Seated

Commercial grade seated curl bench. Height adjustable bar stand and seat.

1204.50 EA      
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Synergy Chin/Hip/Dip Unit Freestanding

2198.65 EA      


Chin/Hip/Dip Unit Freestanding

Functional exercises are the most effective and efficient way to train. Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time which means you can workout harder and in a shorter period of time. The most essential functional exercises for the upper body are the Chin-Up, Press-Up, Dip and Vertical Knee Raise. The Power Tower Studio Edition, from ForceUSA, provides the platform to perform all of these exercises including extra variations within a tiny footprint of your home or garage gym. No need to damage the structure of your house or doorways as can happen with a doorway chin-up bar. Or possibly injuring yourself by performing dips incorrectly. Heavy-duty steel construction and safety. Weight rating 120kg.

256.75 EA      

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