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Product Group: 3165, Flexibility and Testing
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WOS Trunk Flexibility Tester

Sit and reach box with calibrated scale to assist with measurement and testing of flexibility. Initial assembly required.

249.00 EA      


Plastic Goniometer

The plastic 360 degree scale ISOM goniometers have a head with three scales calibrated. The clear plastic permits for use with the ISOM system. observation of the joint's axis of motion and range of motion.

38.60 EA      


Height Jump Tester Wall Mount Black

Measures vertices jump from 0-1.1m Made from treated steel with powder coated black (optional red) finish Measurements are printed on directly and permanently for long life use Easy to use - place first magnet as high as you can reach, now jump as high as possible to place the second magnet The difference between the two is your jumping score This score now needs to be improved, creates a challenge Great motivator. Easy to install universal wall mount to any wall All hardware is included complete with 10 magnets Suggested mounting heights: Junior lowest 1.2m highest 2.3m Senior lowest 2m Highest 3.1m

320.00 EA      


Swift Vertical Jump Yardstick

Relative mode gives a differential reading between the athletes maximum reach while standing flat on the ground and the maximum height obtained in the jump. Adjust the target head so the tip of the subjects upstretched hand is level with the Yardsticks bottom finger. The subjects vertical displacement can then be read directly from the uppermost dislodged target finger,after the jump. (Vertical displacement =maximum height - maximum reach). Metric Measurements.

1299.00 EA      

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