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Product Group: 3902, Beams
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Balance Beam - School Model

Similar to A1-1 but with no padding under suede cover. Length 5m.

2368.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Olympic/FIG Fixed Height

Beam top with legs that may be fixed at any height and removed for storage. Length: 5000mm, Balancing surface width: 100mm.

3884.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Olympic/FIG
Height Adjustable

Complete beam consists of beam top and legs. Height adjustment: Wind up and down using removeable handle (A1-50) This unique system improves safety; leg bases do not move when beam height is changed, eliminating the need to change mats. Length: 5000mm, Balancing surface width: 100mm, Height adjustment: 700-1200mm.

3478.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Olympic/FIG Approved

Similar to A1-1 but has legs with weighted base fitted on the beam top. Used for national and international competitions.

3617.00 EA      


Balance Beam - 250mm High Legs (5m)

Fully padded and suede covered aluminium beam top and legs. Length: 5000mm.

1805.00 EA      


Balance Beam - 250mm High Legs (3m)

Fully padded and suede covered aluminium beam top and legs. Beam length 3000mm, height 250mm, width 100mm. Leg height 200mm.

943.00 EA      


Balance Beam - 60mm High Legs (5m)

Fully padded and suede covered aluminium beam top with legs. Length: 5000mm.

1712.00 EA      


Balance Beam - 60mm High Legs (3m)

Suede covered aluminium beam top with legs. Length: 3000mm.

889.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Foam Practice Strip (5m)

High density Acrolite foam with touch tape on underside for attachment to carpeted floorstrips. Length: 5000mm. Width: 100mm. Height: 20mm.

156.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Foam Block 2400x125x300mm

High density foam covered with fire retardant vinyl. Touch tape provides good stability on carpeted floorstrips or when used with gym fun benches or foam vaulting boxes. Length: 2400mm. Height: 300mm. Width at top: 125mm. Width at base: 265mm.

540.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Transporter

Two timber platforms each with 4 swivel castors.

448.00 PR      


Balance Beam - Leg Safety Padding

Carpeted cover, Acrolite foam, fastened with touch tape. Completely covers legs and brace from mat to underside of beam. 2 Required for whole beam.

349.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Training Pad (1m)

Canvas covered foam, 20mm thick. Touch tape holds pad firmly onto beam.

190.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Training Pad (3.5m)

Canvas covered foam, 20mm thick, fits over top and sides of beam. Touch tape holds pad in place. Top of pad is same width as beam, 100mm, for training with added safety.

487.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Dust Cover (5m)

Vinyl cover, secured with touch tape, helps protect beam when handled and stored. Length: 5000mm.

226.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Cover Material Unsewn

Replacement material unsewn to recover beam. Length 5400mm by 460mm.

225.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Cover Material Sewn (5m)

Replacement material with sewn ends to recover beam. Length 5m.

252.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Legs 200mm

Replacement legs for beams A1-33 and A1-53. Sold as a pair.

189.00 PR      


Balance Beam - Legs 60mm

Replacement legs for beams A1-4 and A1-44. Sold as a pair.

180.00 PR      


Balance Beam - Replacement Handle

Replacement height adjusting handle.

75.00 EA      


Balance Beam - Knob Rubber

Replacement Locking knob for height adjustment.

42.00 EA      


NYDA Foam Beam Connectors only (pack 5)

Replacement plastic connectors for foam beam kits. Joins foam beam sections together. Pack of 5.

13.20 EA      


NYDA Foam Beam Set

Kit consists of 6 straight lengths of high-density EVA foam, each measuring 75cm long x 15cm wide x 8cm high and 6 plastic connectors (1 spare). Connection holes are located on the ends and sides of each length to enable you to join the pieces together. Suitable for primary and secondary school use in gymnastics and all balance type activities.

218.90 EA      
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Rubber Foot - Tubular Replacement
Non Slip

Replacement tubular rubber foot, non-marking ribbed rubber.

19.00 EA      

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