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Product Group: 3908, Rings and Trapeze
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Rings - Adjustable Straps

Useful as a teaching aid. Rings, cables and swivels same as A10-1. Order fixing brackets separately. Adjustment: 500mm.

672.00 PR      


Rings - Olympic/FIG Approved

Superwood rings are sewn into heavy webbing straps with a triangle link at top. Galvanised cables 5mmD attach rings to swivels X4-93 to allow rotation during use. Order fixing brackets separately. Strap length: 700mm, Overall length: 3000mm.

645.00 PR      


Rings - Olympic/FIG Fixed Straps

Similar to A10-36 but supplied with swivel safety hooks A10-14. For hanging heights other than 5750mm please ADVISE so that cable length may be adjusted. Order fixing brackets separately.

631.00 PR      


Trapeze Bar - Adjustable Straps

Fabricated steel end fittings riveted to timber bar. Webbing straps are sewn to fittings and terminate in triangle link. Order cables and hooks separately. Size: 610mm long x 35mmD. Adjustment: 500mm.

369.00 EA      


Trapeze Bar - For Rings

Bar with plastic covered hooks for attatching to rings. Size: 610mm long x 35mmD.

293.00 EA      


Trapeze Bar - Fixed Straps

Similar to A10-48 but fixed straps.

276.00 EA      


Rings - Cross Machine

Designed to allow progressive strength training for ring exercises.

947.00 PR      


Ring Canopy - Olympic FIG

Lightweight 65mm square tube sections slide together without any bolts required. Made in seven sections for easy storage, handling and transport. Individual cables can be adjusted to level rings. Galvanised steel cables 5mmD with pulleys, 12mm tumbuckles and chains have additional heavy webbing slides for tensioning. Rings A10-36 or A10-1 and floor plates must be ordered separately. F.I.G. hanging height: 5750mm from floor. Height adjustment: 5500-5950mm from floor. Floor plate spacing: 5500x4000mm.

3621.00 EA      


Rings - Hoistaway, Double Set

Rings A10-7 sewn to webbing straps with swivel link, are connected to 5mmD cables. The cables pass over nylon pulleys fixed to structure of the building and down the side wall to wall fixing plate. Rings with a sandbag counterweight are hoisted to ceiling when not in use. Height adjustment: 1100-2900mm above floor.

2377.00 EA      


Rings - Hoistaway, Single Set

Same system as A10-5 but only one set.

1385.00 EA      


Ring Only - Olympic/FIG Timber

Size: 180mmID x 28mmD cross section. Sold Individually

268.00 EA      


Rings - Counterweight

Attatches to ring cables before hoisting away. Vinyl sandbag minimising the risk of injury if rings are accidentally released.

91.00 EA      

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