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Product Group: 3912, Trampolines & Safety Pads
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Double Mini Trampoline

Conforms to F.I.T. dimensions and specifications. Easy folding and unfolding - lightweight. Wheels included. Top side frames, 65x35mmRHS - no end frames. Sheet bed A12-49, polypropylene with zone markings. Safety pads A12-43. Springs A12-26, Qty: 88. Overall frame size: 3300x1650x750mm high.

4881.80 EA      


Tramp. Safety Pad Corners - Gol. & Comp.

Fits on the corners to completely cover the trampoline frame. Used with A12-12 or A12-13 safety pads.

364.10 EA      


Goliath Safety Pads

Core material of 38mm reconstituted foam, 100kg/m3, covered in vinyl. A vinyl panel covers springs. Pads are fixed to frame with webbing straps. Corner pads A12-100 ordered separately. Suits frame size: 5315x3050mm. Net size: 4270x2130mm.

1148.40 EA      


Power Mini Tramp. (Safety Pads & Wheels)

High performance mini trampoline. Approach and landing net have no frame and springs. Adjustable leg braces allow wide variation in height and angle of bed to suit small children up to high performance gymnastics training. Wheels away and folds flat for storage. Side frames 65x35mmRHS. Net A12-121. Safety pads A12-122. Springs A12-26, Qty. 34. Overall size: 1300x1250mm.

1586.20 EA      


Power Mini Trampoline Net 600x600mm
34 Springs - Replacement

Size: 600x600mm.

220.00 EA      


Power Mini Tramp. Safety Pads

High density closed cell Acrolite foam 15mm thick covered with fire retardant vinyl.

315.70 EA      


Competition Safety Pads - Frame & Spring

Similar to A12-12 but suits frame size: 4715x2720mm. Net size:3660x1830mm. Corner pads A12-100 ordered separately.

1032.90 EA      


Tumbling Trampoline Legs
Clamp On Conversion To Slant Trampoline

Fittings clamp to the legs on one end to lift the end frame up. Height adjustment: 0-300mm.

631.40 EA      


Little Giant Safety Pads- Frame & Spring

Similar to A12-12 but suits frame size: 3860x2480mm. Net size: 3050x1530mm.

585.20 EA      


Tumbling Tramp. Fixed, With Safety Pads
10000mm Long x 1450mm Wide

Top frames 50x50RHS with spring lugs, supported by leg frames with non-marking rubber feet X16-13. Net A12-141, black polypropylene fabric, 9550x1400mm. Springs A12-26 Qty: 264. Safety pads A12-142, 30mm Acrolite foam with vinyl cover permanently fixed to top frame. Overall frame size: 10000x2200x650mm. Options: Adjustable legs A12-134 coverts to open end slant tramp. Horizontal bar A12-156 clamps on to top frame. Additional length made to order.

9935.20 EA      


Tumbling Tramp. Folding With Safety Pads
& Adjust. Legs 6000 Long x 1450mm Wide

Similar to A12-140, but end frames fold for storage. Net 5550x1400mm. Springs A12-26 Qty: 160. Overall frame size: 6000x2200x650mm. Stored size: 3500x2250x800mm high. Options: Wheels A12-155 fitted to legs. Adjustable legs A12-134 coverts one end to slant tramp.

6799.10 EA      


Tumbling Trampoline Wheels

Four swivel castors fit legs and screw down to allow the folded trampoline to be moved easily.

902.00 EA      


Tumbling Trampoline Horizontal Bar

Used for a variety of training activities. Bar, 34mmD is clamped to top frame and is 100mm above the trampoline net.

695.20 EA      


Mini Trampoline with Safety Bed

Removable front leg reduces mounting height for small children. Height adjustable back leg. Folds flat for storage - lightweight. Top frame 1030x1030mm from 38mmD tube. Legs from 32mmD tube. Safety bed A12-172 consists of pads permanently fixed to the bed. Springs A12-126, Qty. 28. Non-marking rubber feet A12-175.

718.30 EA      


Mini Trampoline Safety Bed (28-spring)
Replacement Bed with Pads

Safety pads fixed to the bed to form one piece. Eliminates the possibility of getting feet caught between bed and pads. Foam core 10mm high density closed cells foam is covered with fire retardant vinyl. Bed, 470x470mm with clips for 28 springs. Trampoline not included.

294.80 EA      


Mini Tramp. Safety Bed (32) W/Bed Pads

As for A12-172 but bed is 380x380mm with 32 springs. Trampoline not included

328.90 EA      


Trampoline Rubber Foot and Bolt

Moulded non-marking rubber foot. Two bolts for fixing included.

19.80 EA      


Woven Net - Goliath 4270x2130mm
112 Springs 37x19

Two string net, 6.3mm weave spacing. Made from ployester netting twine 44kg breaking strain. Twine is glued to the clips to reduce wear at this point. Net is painted with white rubberised paint and red marking lines. Spring clips, Qty: 37x19.

1610.40 EA      
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Trampoline Spotter Mat - 2000x1000x100mm

Soft mat with foam core 130kg/m3. Vinyl cover has webbing handles on one side for ease of handling.

425.70 EA      


Woven Net - Competition 3600x1830mm

Similar to A12-18. Spring clips, Qty: 31x15.

1288.10 EA      


Trampoline - Goliath, Folding, Woven Net

Suitable for indoor use. Lightweight top frame 65x35mmRHS with 32mm tube leg frames. Spring lugs welded to frame. Complete with detachable carrying wheels fitted with 100mmD non-marking swivel castors. Woven net A12-18. Springs A12-25, Qty: 112. Folded trampoline fits through a 2030x760mm doorway. Safety pads A12-12 ordered separately.

6197.40 EA      


Sheet Bed - Competition 3660x1830mm
92 Springs 31x15

Tough polypropylene breather fabric stabilised against ultra violet light for long outdoor life. Spring clips Qty: 31x15.

721.60 EA      


Woven net - Little Giant 3050x1520mm
64 Springs 21x11

Similar to A12-18. Spring clips, Qty: 21x11.

909.70 EA      


Sheet Bed - Little Giant 3050x1520mm
64 Springs 21x11

Similar to A12-20. Spring clips Qty: 21x11.

369.60 EA      


Spring - Large 280mm

Galvanised 3mm super spring wire with tapered ends. Used on all large trampolines.

4.95 EA      


Spring - Small 210mm

Galvanised 3mm super spring wire with tapered ends. Length: 210mm. Used on mini, double mini, power mini and tumbling trampolines.

4.40 EA      
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Woven Net Paint - White, 2 Litres

105.60 EA      
Photo Coming Soon!


Woven Net Paint Thinners, 4 Litres

Used to clean up net paint.

45.10 EA      


Trampoline - Goliath, Pit, Woven Net

Frame from galvanised pipe with spring lugs. Rests on firm flat surface around the pit. Ideal for backyard or disabled users. Can provide pit detail dimensions. Woven net A12-18. Springs A12-25, Qty: 112. Safety pads A12-12 ordered separately.

4615.60 EA      
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Woven Net Paint - Blue, 2 Litres

105.60 EA      


Trampoline - Goliath, Rigid Frame, Woven

Similar to A12-65 but with woven net A12-18. Springs A12-25, Qty: 112. Safety pads A12-12 ordered separately.

3595.90 EA      


Tramp. Double Mini - Safety Pads

Acrolite foam, 15mm thick with fire retardant vinyl cover.

532.40 EA      


Double Mini Bed 2850x920mm (72 Springs)

Size: 2850x920mm.

749.10 EA      


Trampoline - Competition, Folding, Woven

Similar to A12-2 but smaller. Woven net A12-19. Springs A12-25, Qty: 92. Safety pads A12-13 ordered separately.

5787.10 EA      
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Trampoline - Competition, Pit, Woven Net

Similar to A12-3 but smaller woven net, 3660x1830mm. Springs A12-25, Qty: 92.

3900.60 EA      


Trampoline - Little Giant, Rigid Frame,
Woven Net

Similar to A12-65 but with woven net. Springs A12-25, Qty: 64. Dafet pads A12-14 ordered separately.

1895.30 EA      


Trampoline - Competition, Rigid Frame,
Sheet Bed

For school, club or home use. Suitable for outdoors. Two end frame, two side frames and four legs of galvanised pipe which slide together without bolts. Spring lugs are provided. Sheet bed A12-20. Springs A12-25, Qty: 92. Safety pads A12-13 ordered separately.

2618.00 EA      


Trampoline - Competition, Rigid Frame,
Woven Net

For school, club or home use. Suitable for outdoors. Similar to A12-65 but with woven net A12-19. Springs A12-25, Qty: 92. Safety pads must be ordered separately.

3174.60 EA      


Trampoline - Competition, Folding, Sheet

Similar to A12-5 but with sheet bed A12-20. Safety pads A12-13 ordered separately.

3749.90 EA      


Mini Trampoline Adjustable Leg Set

Consists of inner and outer tube, height adjusting knob X1-200 and leg spring X5-3.

91.30 EA      


Mini Trampoline Height Adjusting Tube

Inner tube only for height adjusting leg.

36.30 EA      


Trampoline - Little Giant, Rigid Frame
Sheet Bed

Similar to A12-65 but with smaller sheet bed. Suitable for kindergym or home use. Springs A12-25, Qty: 64. Safety pads A12-14 ordered separately.

1787.50 EA      
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Mini Trampoline Height Adjusting Knob

Knurled knob for height adjustable leg.

4.95 EA      
Photo Coming Soon!


Mini Tramp. Height Adjusting Leg Spring

For adjustable or fixed leg. Length: 75mm.

2.20 EA      
Photo Coming Soon!


Rubber Foot - 50x6mm Replacement

Non-marking rubber foot. Size: 50x6mm.

2.20 EA      
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