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Product Group: 4507B, Recess and Games
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AeroFlyer Golf Kit

Kit includes 6 white mini aerodomes for "tee markers" 6 76cm blue hoops for "water" 6 76cm yellow hoops for "sand" 6 numbered white boundary flags for "pins" Aero Golf rules 4 Aeroflyers for "balls" 1 Mesh Carry Bag

96.00 EA      
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World of Sport Active Play Kit

Kit Comprises 12 x Tennis Play Bats 2 x Waboba Flyers 2 x Scoop Ball Sets 6 x 2.1 metre Skipping Ropes 2 x Catchball 1 x Marking Spot Discs 3 x PU Foam Softball 1 x Primary Nylon & Mesh Ball Carry Bag

129.50 EA      
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Indigenous Games Kit

The complete kit for indigenous games program. Play over forty games from the Yulunga resource at www.ausport.gov.au. Kit includes - 2x Foxtail Sonic, 15x Green, Red Flag Touch Belts, 1x Space Stations Set (Set of 6), 16x Water Noodle, 2x Street Hockey Puck, 2x 75cm Fitness Ball, Bucket of 72 Coaching Tennis Ball, 2x Foam Bowling Set, 15x Gold 15x Red Mock Mesh Heavy Duty Bibs, 1x Plastic Whistle Red & Lanyard, 1x 112cm Nylon Roll Bag Black, 1x Nylon WOS Kit Bag - Yellow, 2x Recreational Bocce Set, 2x Rounders Bat, 4x Foam Soccer Ball, 3x Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow and Blue 15cm Density Foam Ball, 8m of 10mm Silver Rope, 1x 20cm Spike Ball, 10x Pink, Purple, Yellow and Red Aerodomes with stand, 1x Marking Spot Discs (Set of 6), 1x 4.5mtr Skipping Rope, 6x Green, Yellow Buffhoc Stick, 2x Plastic Airflow Softball and 6x Catchtail Ball.

1545.95 EA      


Playball Kit - Middle Primary

Kit comprises 2 x 4.5m skipping ropes, 2 x 2.7m skipping ropes, 1 x Molten/WOS Purple Basketball #6, 1 x Gilbert/WOS School Series Netball #5, 1 x Uhlsport/WOS School Series Soccerball #5, 1 x Steeden/WOS School League Mod Football, 1 x Sherrin/WOS School Rules Football #4, Hand Pump, Small Ball Carry Bag.

86.45 EA      


World Of Sport Primary Lunch Kit

Kit includes 1 Soccer Ball Trainer, 1 Steeden/WOS School League Football, 1 Molten/WOS Basketball #6, 1 15cm Soft Inflated Ball, 1 Small OZ Cricket Bat, 1 Set Oz Cricket Stumps & Base, 2 Sof Crosse Balls, 2 x 165gm Flying Disc, 3 x 2.7mt Skipping Ropes, 1 x 4.5mt Skipping Rope and 1 x 84ltr Storage Bin

198.90 EA      


Primary Physical Education Kit

Kit includes 6 15cm Spike Balls, 12 Plastic Play Bats, 6 Kinder Oz Cricket Bats, 6 Flat Bean Bags, 6 5cm Cube Bean Bags, 6 64cm Hoops, 6 76cm Hoops, 30 Domes with Stand, 12 Plastic Cones, 6 2.7m Skipping Ropes, 6 3m Skipping Ropes, 2 4.5m Skipping Ropes, 12 Two-Tone Tennis Balls, 1 Kit Bag, 1H/D Carry Net

366.00 EA      

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