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Netball Rule Book

Official rules incorporating the playing rules of the IFNA.

17.40 EA      


U For Umpiring

Netball questions from ball size and weight, rules of play, penalties and discipline, through to hand signals to be used while umpiring.

14.75 EA      


Netball Score Pad

Netball scorepad covers running score, goal scorers and centre pass by quarters. Pad of 25 sheets.

4.15 EA      


Steps To Success - Netball

In Netball: Steps to Success, former All-Australian and world champion player and coach Wilma Shakespear covers all the essential rules, skills, and strategies, while providing extensive instruction for beginning and experienced players. Netball: Steps to Success will help players learn the fundamentals and have fun at the same time. This comprehensive book includes everything a netball enthusiast needs to become a competitive player, including: 90 drills and practice games to improve performance, 144 illustrations showing correct techniques and drill diagrams, thorough instruction for individual skills development, effective strategies for team play, and special sections focusing on play in the back, middle, and front third of the court.

25.70 EA      


DigiNetball Interactive CD-ROM

DigiNetball assembles the largest CD-ROM collection of Netball drills you will ever find, but is the easiest coaching aid you will ever use. DigiNetball draws on years of experience and knowledge gained by Australian netball Coach of the Century Joyce Brown and international champion Vicki Wilson.

198.00 EA      
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