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Product Group: 6040, Juggling
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WOS Swing Ball

Plastic airflow ball attached to an ankle ring. Loop the ring around one ankle, swing and jump over with the opposite foot. Develops coordination and jumping skills.

5.45 EA        


WOS Twirl and Jumping Stick

Plastic airflow ball attached to a stick. Hold the stick with one hand, swing in a circular motion and jump. Develops coordination and jumping skills. Play with two players as a variation.

6.95 EA        


WOS Rubber Juggling Balls

Set of four solid rubber balls with textured finish.

6.55 EA        


WOS Juggling Balls

Set of three premium juggling balls. Soft feel cover with low rebound to assist juggling.

11.35 EA        


WOS Juggling Clubs

Set of four lightweight juggling clubs. Made with easy grip handles and coated ends

16.75 EA        


WOS Juggling Clubs Foam

Foam juggling clubs sold in a set of three. Soft covering aids in confidence and skill building in beginners.

32.70 EA        


WOS Juggling Plates

Sold as a set of four plates with sticks. Plates are moulded with a concave shape for spinning stick.

17.00 EA        


WOS Juggling Rings

Set of four plastic juggling rings each approximately 32cm in diameter. Durable plastic construction.

16.80 EA        


WOS Juggling Diablo

Includes two wooden control sticks and a spool. Used as a juggling game with a wide variety of tricks possible with the spool.

13.95 EA        


WOS Devil Sticks

Set includes two hand control sticks that are used to juggle the devil stick and keep it in constant motion by using flips and bounces.

17.75 EA        


WOS Juggling Scarves

Set of six coloured scarves that can be used for all forms of catching and juggling activities. Especially suited to smaller children as the scarves will float in the air.

16.60 EA        


WOS Juggling Kit

Involve up to five people in individual activities this kit includes: Set of Juggling Balls, Set of Foam Juggling Clubs, Set of Juggling Plates, Set of Juggling Rings and a Set of Juggling Scarves.

99.00 EA        

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