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Bush Dance Kit (CD)

30 best-loved bush and folk dances. Fully illustrated with instructions and 2 companion CDs. Song selection includes: Brown Jug Polka, Galopede and Cumberland Reel (Easy Dances). Irish Trot, Virginia Reel and Flying Pieman (Moderate Dances). Colonial Quadrille, Scottish Circle and Willow Tree (More Complex Dances)

33.60 EA      


Cool Cats Big Bush Dance (CD & Book)

With Paradiddle Band. 12 great bush dances, all dances called, large easy to read instructions, Free CD with every book. Songs include: The Shearer's Skip, Emus and Kangaroos, The Damper Stamp, The Moreton Bay March, The Galopede, The Stockyards, The Troika, The Haymaker's Jig, The Brown Jug Polka, The Cumberland Square Eight, The Buttered Peas and The Waves of Tory.

34.80 EA      


Cool Cats Big Dance Party (CD & Book)

Social Dance with the Paradiddle Dance Band. The Birdie Dance, The Hokey Pokey, The Twist, The Limbo, The Nutbush, The Bus Stop, The Barn Dance, The Pride of Erin, The Evening 3 Step, The Mexican Hat Dance, Ballin' the Jack, The Progressive Jive, The Macarena, The Popcorn Line Dance... perfect for socials, concerts, class parties, graduations, physical work breaks or just rainy days. Great 'cat' illustrations of the steps and dance calls where appropriate. Book and CD.

34.80 EA      


Campfire Song Book

100 great sing-along songs from around the world. Folk songs, blues ballads, country songs, jazz songs, fun songs, spirituals and kids songs. All with music and arranged with easy-to-play guitar chords. Titles include: Bill Bailey, Botany Bay, Camptown Races, Danny Boy, House of the Rising Sun, Jamaica Farewell, Kum Ba Yah, Maggie, Swanee River, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, When the Saints Go Marching In, Wild Rover, Yellow Rose of Texas and dozens more.

25.75 EA      


Aerobic Power for Kids

CD with lyrics and instructions. Gets kids of all ages exercising to the "oldies but goodies" of the 50's and 60's. "Rock Around the Clock" "At the Hop" "La Bamba" and more. For ages 4 to 10.

29.95 EA      


Ball Activity Fun

CD with guide included. Ball playing is fun and a great way to exercise. Original games and songs set the tone for exciting ball playing activities. Children will develop ball-handling skills, motor co-ordination and more.

29.95 EA      


Ball Hoop and Ribbon Activities

CD for ages 4 to 8. Fun, easy routines using ball, hoops and ribbons. Features Chariots of Fire, Star Wars Theme and more.

29.95 EA      


Bean Bag Activities

CD with lyrics and instructions. Kimbo's classic bean bag hit is adaptble for special needs. Helps children develop gross motor skills, increase balance, enhance directionality and discriminate right and left. Individual and group activities challenge kids while having fun.

29.95 EA      



Pull up a chair and get ready to move to the beat! Here is a 30 minute exercise program for many populations- children of 5 years and up, senior citizens, special needs groups, limited space and movement time for all. You'll be a Fitter Sitter if you follow these warm-ups, vigorous exercises and cool downs. The activities also help improve range of motion, body spatial orientation, lateral and bilateral activities, which challenge the brain, and muscle strengthening activities for the heart, legs, neck, feet, arms, fingers and more. The use of simple props, such as tissues and paper plates, enhance the Get Fit While You Sit experience. Created by Billy Gober, Ed.D.

29.95 EA      


Get Funky

Preschool - lower elementary. By the popular group The Learning Station. Get Funky is jam packed with action, learning and musical fun. Included are 16 exciting songs, circle games, dances and activities. Concepts include following directions, left/ right discrimination, listening skills, body identification, muscle development and coordination. Children will love these catchy melodies that are set to a contemporary beat and make education and exercise a funky musical blast!

29.95 EA      


Motor Skill Activity Fun

Ages 3 to 8. Simple rhythm games include clapping, hand shakes, easy dance steps and finger exercises. Sneaky Snake, Ukulele Man, One, Love Will Keep Us Together and more.

29.95 EA      


Physical Ed

Pre-K to 5th grades. The Learning Station helps kids get physical! This healthy collection of fun fitness songs focuses on movement and locomotor activities, including: walking, hopping, skipping, jumping, running, galloping and leaping. Stir It Up, Monkey In The Middle, Stomp and Clap are just three that will get kids up and moving.

29.95 EA      


Playtime Parachute Fun

Turn kids onto teamwork as their gross motor skills develop while playing easy parachute routines. This popular CD is adaptable for special needs. Guide with lyrics and instructions.

29.95 EA      


Rhythmic Parachute Play

This parachute best seller helps develop motor skills and is more challenging for school age kids, 9 and up. Also great for senior citizens.

45.95 EA      


World of Parachute Play

This popular CD features songs from around the world and unique parachute activities that reflect the culture of the country. Great for children 4 to 8 years of age. Guide with lyrics and instructions.

29.95 EA      


Perceptual Motor Rhythm Games CD

These field-tested "learning through movement" activities encourage eye-hand, aural motorand visual motor coordina coordination. They also develop body image, balance, laterality, directionality and visual perception.

37.60 EA      


Rig-A-Jig-Jig Vol 1 and 2 (Book & CD)

Rig-a-Jig-Jig is a highly acclaimed collection of dances and musical games for children aged 3 to 7. This newest edition combines both previous volumes (1 and 2) with a completely updated format and, like other titles, it comes with detailed instructions and cartoon illustrations. The two companion CDs feature renown children's entertainer, Mike Jackson with Rantan Bush Band and Ian Blake. This kit is an essential for every pre-school, kindergarten or early primary school class.

35.40 EA      


Social Dance (Book & CD)

20 favourite old-time and modern dances. Fully illustrated with instructions and companion CD. Songs include: Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Mexican Hat Dance, Ballin' the Jack, Bus Stop, Nutbush, Bootscootin' Hoedown, Canadian Three-Step, Boston Two-Step, Evening Three-Step, Progressive Barn Dance, Gypsy Tap, Pride of Erin, Parma Waltz, Oslo Waltz, Valeta Waltz, Cha Cha, Progressive Jive and Maxina.

33.60 EA      

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