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A practical planning resource to be used as a basis for developing a unique program in water safety, survival and swimming.

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Coaching Swimming Successfully

Veteran and beginning coaches will learn how to motivate swimmers, become better communicators, and be prepared for the challenges of competitive meets. The Author reveals his personal coaching philosophy and helps coaches develop their own code of ethics as they build a winning swimming program in and out of the pool. Detailed advice on how to evaluate swimmers performances in practice and in competition, as well as the entire swim program, makes this the complete guide to coaching the sport.

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Steps To Success - Swimming

Become more fluid in the water with Swimming: Steps to Success. This comprehensive guide provides progressive instruction to help you master several swimming strokes and skills: backstroke, front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, back crawl, trudgen, floating, diving, sculling, and underwater swimming. Step-by-step instruction and 195 illustrations break down each stroke to the basic arm and leg movements and their timing. The multiple drills in each step include a scoring system to gauge success and determine readiness to advance to the next skill.

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Swimming & Lifesaving Manual

Australias most comprehensive swimming and lifesaving manual covering all theoretical and practical aspects of water safety, personal survival, lifesaving and emergency care. Over 150 colour photographs depicting skills and techniques in an easy to use layout.

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Wet Games (RLSS)

Wet Games provides teachers with a collection of games and activities that bring to participants of all ages and at all levels the chance to acquire and perfect swimming skills and to develop techniques of rescue and survival. The range is from simple games in ankle-deep water to advanced procedures that simulate difficulties any swimmer may face from time to time, the importance of safety is emphasised throughout. This book is 'splash proof' to enable the user to keep it handy by the side of the pool throughout the lesson.

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