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Stiga Table Tennis Bat - Challenge

The Stiga Challenge table tennis bat is suited to the beginner and recreational players. Features include a 5 ply nordic plywood, concave handle for ultimate comfort and pimple out rubber.

3.10 EA      


Stiga Table Tennis Bat - Polaris

The Stiga Polaris is a solid entry level bat offering pimples in the rubber for a little extra power. Control: 95 Speed: 20 Spin: 15

8.60 EA      


Stiga Table Tennis Bat - Raptor

The Stiga Raptor is a good intermediate bat featuring ITTF approved rubber with 1.5mm sponge and provides an optimum balance between spin, speed and control. Control: 80 Speed: 40 Spin: 40

9.45 EA      


Stiga Table Tennis Bat - Inspire

Inspire is the optimum choice for control players who want to develop their own style. Speed: 15 Spin: 10 Control: 50

13.05 EA      


Stiga Table Tennis Bat - Response

Great choice for control players who want to develop their own style. 1 Star bat 5 Ply Blade, Concave Grip, Magic 1.7 Rubber

16.20 EA      


Stiga Flow Outdoor Table Tennis Bat

The Stiga Flow Outdoor Table Tennis Bat has been designed to be highly durable and weather resistant which makes it the perfect choice for tables that are exposed to the elements. Even though it has been made to be durable the playing characteristics of this bat are still good for the average player that is just playing a social game with friends and family.

20.50 EA      


Table Tennis Bat (Set of 6)

PVC table tennis bats featuring a rough playing surface and moulded grip handles. Each set comprises a yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and green paddle.

13.05 EA      

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