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NYDA Pro Volleyball Net System Kit

Complete volleyball net system to be used outdoors only on grass. Kit includes court marking rope with pre-set pegs on a convenient rope winder. This kit is designed to enable the user to set the net at all competitive net heights specified by the Australian Volleyball Association.

379.50 EA        


Volleyball 2000 Kit

Portable volleyball system, includes net and posts. Can be used to set up an outdoor volleyball court in almost any location.

453.75 EA        


Portable Volleyball Beach Kit

Add this sand kit to the Volleyball 2000 kit, see product code 948210 and you have a complete portable beach volleyball court.

60.30 EA        


Beach Volleyball Boundary Webbing 50mm

Complete boundary line system for beach volleyball. Made from 50mm polypropylene webbing. Includes anchor system.

129.70 EA        


Volleyball Portable Stands

Portable steel volleyball post system with heavyweight bases for stability. Depending on surface that goals are being used on we recommend either zinc plated peg product code 343296 or sandbag product code 525510 to secure base. Sold as a pair.

495.00 PR        


Volleyball Posts & Sleeves

Basic level volleyball posts and sleeves made from galvanised 48mm steel. Includes two posts with net hooks and two sleeves intended to be set into the ground. Not suitable for uses with any winch system.

495.00 PR        


Volleyball Posts (75mm square)

Heavy-duty 75mm square posts with double fixed-height hooks for net cord tie points. Suits sleeves CFSS80 (included)

685.00 PR        


Volleyball Posts Adjustable Telescopic

One winch telescopic volleyball post system

953.00 PR        


Volleyball Posts Telescopic - Outdoor
same as VBP104 but for outdoor use

Adjustable post system with telescopic one winch sleeve for height adjustment. The same as VBP104 but with 75mm square bottoms for outdoor use. Sleeves CFSS80 included.

1053.00 PR        


Volleyball Posts (pair) Tork Winch

This new model is designed to reduce the risk of injury due to its unique spring loaded, snap-lock, net height adjusting system, which automatically engages at the required preset height. Posts can be set at four heights: 2430mm, 2350mm, 2240mm and 2150mm. When posts are being used in a combination configuration, each net height may be adjusted independently for various age and gender groups. All models are constructed from light weight heavy duty materials designed to meet international standards. Main uprights are made from 50mm x 100mm SHS. The set includes one each of VBP105-01 (End post) and VBP105-02 (Anchor post). Requires installation with sleeves IS110 or AC120.

1456.00 PR        


Volleyball End Tork Winch Post

Winch post for VBP-105 system, used to arrange posts for side by side volleyball courts. Contact World of Sport for assistance with your requirements.

924.00 EA        


Volleyball Anchor Post Tork Winch

Anchor post for VBP-105 system, used to arrange posts for side by side volleyball courts. Contact World of Sport for assistance with your requirements.

578.00 EA        


Lightweight Volleyball Centre Winch Post

Lightweight volleyball post for indoor use. Intended to be used with VBP105 set as a centre post that allows for two courts to be setup side by side. Requires sleeve IS 110.

947.00 EA        


Combination System

75mm square posts suitable for tennis, badminton and volleyball. NWB budget net winder included. Suits sleeves CFSS80 (sleeves included).

1227.00 PR        


Heavy Duty Volleyball Post System

Heavy-duty 90mm galvanised steel, powder-coated in white with double hooks for junior or senior competition. Posts are removable and supplied with galvanised sleeves and caps.

898.00 PR        


Adj Telescopic Volleyball Posts

Heavy-duty lightweight construction to international standard. Main upper slide is 65x3mm SHS. Fixed section is made from 75x4mm SHS. Base of post converts to 50 NB pipe to suit sockets IS100, IS110 and IS120. All rollers and hooks are fitted to allow tensioning of top and bottom cables. Two winches supplied.

1426.00 PR        


Inter-line Pro Series Volleyball Posts

The Pro Series 4 aluminium volleyball posts are specifically designed for all levels of play from school and clubs to elite competition games. The integrated slide system allows the net to be easily set at infinite heights, providing the ultimate multisport post to accommodate volleyball, badminton & tennis. This system is anodised black providing a professional, durable long lasting finish. Complete with marine grade stainless steel fittings and worm drive winch system. The system is ultra-light weight with each post only weighing 10.8kg. Sleeves IS300 and cover plates AC100C ordered separately. Post size 100mm.

3350.00 PR        

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