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Product Group: 9998R, Racks and Rigs
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JHook Attachment for Racks

Standard JHooks for racks and Rigs. Repalceable HDPE protects barbell knurl and the JHook. 130mm high back on the JHook allows for easy re-racking. J can cater for Olympic barbells to 50mm. Measure 195mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 195mm (H).

220.00 PR      
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Spotting Arm Attachment for Racks

Spotting arms act as lifting safeties to protect you at the bottom of a squat/ bench press They can also be used as an adjustable starting point for rack pulls and other more advanced movements HDPE (high density polyethelene) protects barbell knurl and uprights. 500mm catching area. Measures 602mm (L) x 83mm (W) x 300mm (H).

297.00 PR      
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Dip Bar Attachment for Racks

Removable dip bar can be attached to any upright at any height Tapers from 550mm to 340mm to suit all sizes Measures 780mm (l) x 540mm (W) x 300mm (H).

264.00 EA      
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Weight Pin Attachment for Racks

Stainless steel weight storage pin attaches to uprights 290mm long.

55.00 EA      
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Rack Freestanding Dual Cell Monkey

Rack is capable of supporting four racking positions, eight pullup/suspension positions and monkey bar system. Assembly is required and rack must be fixed to floor. Optional accessories include 4 pairs x J-Hooks code 40019 4 pairs x Spotting Arms code 40020 and Dip bar code 40021 Assembled dimensions 4065mm (L) x 1370mm (W) x 2550mm (H)

4983.00 EA      
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