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Product Group: 2604AD, 4 Piece Leather
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World of Sport Shield - 156gm

Match quality ball made from pre seasoned English leather. Cork and rubber compressed core gives even bounce. Seven ply nylon stitching with seams hand finished. Four piece match ball.

24.95 EA        


Kookaburra Senator 156g

4 piece ball finished with minor imperfections for practice. High quality centre, approved for lower grade use.

65.00 EA        


Kookaburra Club Match - 156grm

Australian made, high quality 4 piece ball. Conforms to the requirements of top level play.

86.00 EA        


Kookaburra Regulation - 156grm

4 piece leather ball, used extensively around the world in grades of cricket just below first class. VCA, NSWCA, QCA, SACA and WACA approved.

103.00 EA        


Platypus Match - 156gm

High quality 4 piece leather ball. Tanned cowhide outer, cork and rubber composition core. Approved for use in first grade matches and by county associations.

56.00 EA        

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