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Mitre Delta One 24 Soccer Ball Size 5

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Introducing the Mitre Delta One 24 soccer ball, meticulously crafted for peak performance. With HyperSeal™ technology ensuring zero water absorption and exceptional shape retention, and a laminated butyl synthetic bladder for speed, power, and bounce consistency, this ball maintains integrity in intense matches. HyperFlow™ technology controls airflow for precise flight accuracy, while the RB Foam base-layer enhances speed and touch. Encased in PU Leather with Mitre's signature texture, it guarantees optimal control in all weather. FIFA Quality Approved, it suits both grass and artificial turf.


What size Soccer ball?

Size 1 All Ages Fun Size
Size 3 9 Years & Under
Size 4 10 -13 Years
Size 5 14 + Years

SKU: WS347482